Rumford Partners is an investment holding company of two multi-entrepreneurs that finances, develops and advises start-ups and ventures. The bundling of activities enables members of the Rumford family to obtain company-wide services such as accounting, administration, IT, corporate and legal advice while simultaneously creating synergies. Rumford Partners is committed to supporting, advising and funding young people with promising visions and ideas. We differ from conventional venture capitalists because we pay attention to our start-ups right from the start, are not exit-driven and our founders participate appropriately. This enables us to keep our companies above average for a long time and to achieve excellent results in the event of a takeover.



Polyteia is an intelligent control platform for cities and municipalities. We consolidate data from various specialist procedures and prepare them for daily updates in the form of reports and forecasts. This data is automatically collected via interfaces to existing software systems. At the same time, we offer a comprehensive data processing service for documents. Polyteia helps to explore the data treasure and enables smart governance: recognize the future and act in time.



With Kwara, we support the worldwide movement of financial cooperatives that help improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Our software provides members of savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs) with convenient and secure real-time online & mobile banking. Kwara was founded in Berlin and has its first office in Nairobi, Kenya. With over 1.2 billion inhabitants, the African continent represents the tremendous potential that people with access to modern banking services can achieve.


Muson creates memories. Extraordinary exhibitions and museums invite people to remember. Muson develops, designs and produces these memories in a location-adapted way. As a holistically thinking and competent service provider, we also design and realise entire exhibitions or museums on request. We are creative, but do not forget the economic side either. Memories can be worthwhile: for the buyer and the seller.



With Bonum (before: Finparx) we want to contribute as committed citizens and convinced Europeans to improve daily life, international trade, the common good and to make an open society possible. Our companies aim to achieve results and profitability in order to become sustainable and reliable partners in our economic area. The employees of Bonum Ventures GmbH have different professional and cultural backgrounds. Together we are a team that shares knowledge and experience with ambitious talents.



Circula revolutionises travel and expense accounting through consistent digitalisation from receipt to booking. Naturally GoBD-compliant and optimised for German companies. Expenses and receipts are captured and scanned via an intuitive app. Afterwards the review, release, transfer to the financial accounting as well as the payment can take place in shortest time. Accounting with Circula saves accounting and employees a lot of time and nerves. A fine contribution to the success of companies.



The payment service provider Payreto, with offices in Munich, Cologne, Sofia, London, Hong Kong and Manila, offers comprehensive services for financial service providers. In addition to the payment processing as a white label service, Payreto offers onboarding of merchants and customers, banking services, financial data processing and customer service. The Pareto principle played a role in the naming process: Payreto offers lean and efficient services that generate maximum revenue with a minimum of effort.



Payworks is one of the market leaders in the area of payment portals at the point of sale (POS). The Payworks technology enables payment service providers to accept mobile payments with credit and debit cards at stationary terminals or via apps. Maximum compatibility with common platforms and mature hardware and software allows Payworks customers to enter the market in the shortest possible time.



The European idea is carried around the world by Forum: subscribers receive daily the most important articles from Europe’s media landscape, can participate in transnational debates, support great journalism and thus ensure a free press. Language barriers will be broken down, as all texts will be translated into the different languages of Europe – for multilingual discussions among our readers. Forum is the voice of committed Europeans in a united Europe.



Join us in shaping the urban mobility of tomorrow: we are dedicated to the challenges of our time and are rethinking urban transport. Companies and private individuals use our freight bicycles to travel cleanly, comfortably and inexpensively into the future. The Loadster is the first E-Cargo bike that can replace a commercial vehicle. Suitable for bicycle paths, robust, free of license and tax-free, our Loadster transports goods up to 200 km over its 1.5 square metre transport area. In one piece and without emissions.


Pronovation designs practical lifestyle accessories for your favourite everyday companion, your mobile phone. A dynamic company based in Berlin, Pronovation puts social and collaborative working practices in the forefront – that’s why we work together with workshops for the disabled in Berlin to manufacture our products.

The Jalouza brand has been wowing the market over the last few years with its large number of new products. These include eyewear straps, our key chain, as well as new mobile phone chains. Keep all your most important everyday accessories together in one place with our special mobile phone chain accessory, the Hanging Wallet: your wallet, with its contents – and of course your smartphone. Our classic, the mobile phone case with strap, is available in a variety of styles in our “never out of stock collection”. And, as nobody knows better than YOU what suits you and your iPhone, you can of course create your own mobile phone chain set.


Who was Rumford?

Sir Benjamin Thompson alias Count Rumford worked from 1784 as an officer, politician and scientist in Munich. During the reform of the Bavarian Army, which was entrusted to him, he became a social reformer. His knowledge and experience in the field of natural sciences helped him to improve the living conditions of the population.

Rumford Partners continues the energy of Sir Benjamin Thompson: Promoting innovation and progress, supporting people, achieving results.


Quirin Graf Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden


Quirin Count Adelmann grew up bilingually in France and Germany. After studying law in Berlin, he worked for the largest automotive parts supplier in Northern Germany as an authorized representative. From 2008 he developed real estate of various asset classes. Graf Adelmann’s portfolio is now widely diversified and includes companies in the culture, health, FinTech, GovTech, BioTech, automotive, mobility and real estate sectors.

Nikolaus von Taysen


As a serial entrepreneur specializing in FinTech, Nikolaus von Taysen is the founder of Finparx (now Bonum Ventures). The Munich native was influenced by Aristotle, Karl Popper and Frank Schirrmacher and, after graduating from high school, volunteered for a United Nations refugee camp in Africa. He is a veteran of NATO peacekeeping forces in former Yugoslavia and a graduate of the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) in Munich.

Florian Löhlein

Managing Director

Florian Löhlein holds a degree in European Business Administration from the Universities of Bamberg and Columbia, South Carolina (USA). The economist is responsible for human resources, finance, controlling and operational management. He has worked in the healthcare sector for many years, managing, buying and restructuring private clinics and creating value through the implementation of digital strategies.

Erik Eberwein


Erik Eberwein studied technical computer science in Berlin and Singapore and started his own business as an IT consultant during his studies. He founded two enterprises in 2009 and 2017. All businesses offer IT services and software developments for third parties. In his capacity as CEO Erik directed projects in software development for well-known medium-sized and large companies in accounting and industry software. He has been bringing the respective IT companies strong growth. As CTO of Rumford Partners, he is bringing his wide range of IT experience and expertise in from 2020 onwards. He supports the Rumford start-ups on the path to digital success eversince.

Miriam Schimka

Head of Fundraising

Miriam Schimka grew up in Munich, studied International Business Administration in Vienna and Bangkok. She has worked in Germany, Austria, France and the USA for banks, start-ups, entertainment companies, F&B and as a consultant. The experienced project manager and entrepreneur brings extensive expertise in marketing, communications and finance and supports Rumford Partners in fundraising.

Silvia Dietrich

Head of Accounting

Born in Lower Franconia, she has been working for Rumford Partners since June 2018. After several years in other European countries, she passed her examination as a state-certified accountant in 1994. This was followed by a course to become a certified controller. Silvia Dietrich gained extensive experience in the telecommunications and payment industry. As Head of Accounting, she is responsible for all accounting and controlling issues. She also takes over administrative tasks in the group’s companies.

Michael Rassinger

Corporate Communication

Michael Rassinger studied music (organ, church music) in Augsburg and Munich, trained as a journalist with Motor Presse Stuttgart and worked for educational institutions in Bavaria, Hessen and Bangkok. Back in Germany, he first went into corporate communications and then became self-employed as a PR consultant and copywriter for high-quality content. In 2015 he completed an MBA in International Management in Cambridge (UK) and established himself as an expert in the field of digital content.

Sarah Tuezel

Executive Assistant

After having gained professional experience, Sarah Tuezel completed her apprenticeship in business administration with distinction.

Since 2010 she has held responsible positions for various fields of activity within the group. 

From 2010 to 2016 she had mainly been responsible for the real estate portfolio and the franchise of restaurant concepts as well as their financing. 

Since 2016 Sarah has been assisting the directors in the overall management of the further companies in organization, management, administration and communication in very far-reaching business fields.


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